Art Franchising

Thinking About Buying a Kristal & Glam Franchise?

Thank you for your interest in Kristal & Glam franchise opportunities. Becoming a Kristal & Glam franchise is a simple, yet professional and methodical process. We work closely with you through each step of the way, taking you from the minor leagues in experience to an all- star owner.


Let`s meet up and find the perfect location in your country. A strategic position is a key factor.


How your gallery can be super-cool and modern but having the classy touch at the same time?


What`s the trends and intrests in your city? We choose the right style for each country to maximize your sales.


Start to sale! Become the main point of attraction of fans and visitors in your local area.

Trusted by world leaders

Our events are hosted in the major hotels & venues chains, we carefully select our partners and our locations by the high quality products we offer.

Which Are the Benefits of Buying a Kristal & Glam Franchise?

For more than 25 years Dondé has been the world leader in the contemporary art field.

Kristal & Glam Art Gallery has sold Dondè Artworks around the world in several locations such as Milan, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, St Moritz, St Tropez, Gstaad, Monte Carlo, Madrid, Istanbul, Paris, London, New York, Miami, Sydney, Tokyo and Dubai.

Therefore, the advantage of going into franchising with Kristal & Glam is that you have the international experience of our Art Gallery that will guide and support you.
As a matter of facts Kristal & Glam will collaborate with you for a common goal: create business and profits through Daniele Dondè Artworks sale.

What Kristal & Glam Will Offer You?

Kristal & Glam will offer you ongoing training and support on request: nobody’s going to hand you the keys and expect you to magically understand how our business works.

Therefore, thanks to the strong general public interest in Donde’ Artworks we will offer you:

• Benefits from Kristal & Glam professional know-how and business relationships with most important collectors.

• A Proposal which covers a wide market segments selling :

  • –  The unique Dondè artwork already available
  • –  Special Personalized Artwork on request ( Self portrait etc.)
  • – Strong Reputation : Kristal & Glam is a market leader, a strongly developing company with a very good reputation around the world.

What Does it Mean Being Kristal & Glam Partner?

Buying a franchise with us gives you the right to associate with the Kristal & Glam name.

That means that you will use the name of an Artist, Dondé who is considered a legend in the contemporary art, in fact his artworks are collected in the houses of the richest families around the world.

Thanks to the long time know-how, Kristal & Glam propose an artist that answer the needs of the most demanding collectors : this is another reason to open a franchising with us.
Kristal & Glam will ensure you a big success thanks to the Artist Reputation and Fame.

In fact Dondè is already collected and appreciated by international famous VIP’s like Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Sofia Loren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sultan of Brunei, Prince Albert of Monaco, Mohamed Al Fayed, Flavio Briatore and many others.

Thanks to Kristal & Glam name and brand recognition you will be able to attract great customers.

You will have the opportunity to relate with special customers who belong to High Net Worth Individual ( from Political World to the Sportive World , please see the attached picture with Lugano Major, Mr Borradori) because they always are looking for a precious product that only Dondè can offer.

How to Run a Kristal & Glam Business in Your Country?

Kristal & Glam can negotiate lower prices for the artworks and services you need to run your business in your country.

As a matter of fact, we will offer you 2 options:

∇ The Silver franchising:

• Minimum order of 25 artworks for one year
• Confidential Prices (Contact us for more infos)
• You will have the chance to extend these conditions two months before the expiry date

∇ The Gold franchising:

• Minimum order of 50 artworks for one year
• Very Confidential Prices ( 15 % less than Silver franchising, contact us for more infos)
• The Professor Daniele Dondè will participate at the first opening with the Managing Art Director Mr. Boris Mancastroppa
• You will have the chance to extend these conditions two months before the expiry date

In spite of the increasing demand, only a few years ago we begun to give the opportunity to other investors to become our partners , to create a “luxury art franchising” with special discounts and conditions. After a careful selection, in Tokyo and St. Moritz we gave to our partners this opportunity and we are really satisfy with the growing income and the high demand of Dondè artworks.

Undoubtedly, going into franchising with Kristal Glam opens several doors to the business world especially in terms of concrete profits and networking.