The Most Collected Italian Artist In The World Since 1984. The Son of Renowned Art Collectors, Learned to Love Art From an Early Age.

Story of Success


Dondé was born in Cremona Italy, the birthplace of so many internationally famous artists, one of all the violinmaker Antonio Stradivari. Dondé, the son of renowned art collectors, learned to love art from an early age, in particular, the family’s art collection. This collection became famous after the death of his father. Dondé was forced to sell the collection for financial reasons and unfortunately he recognized that 50% of the works , bought from generations of hard work and sacrifices, were in fact “fakes”.


After this disappointment, Dondé intended to make it the aim of his life to discover who could have tricked his family, by searching out those who had created these beautiful but deceptive “fakes”.

Once he had tracked down the forgers, he threatened to notify the authorities if they failed to accept his indecent proposal: they had to agree to work for him, not to cheat collectors but rather in order to make great art masterpieces available to all, at prices that the wider public could afford.


He had realized a great dream and at the same time he had exacted revenge on dishonest gallery owners as he had denied them access to those who would create the fakes for them. He legalized the work of the forgers, bringing it to the light of day and creating a worldwide respected artistic movement that aroused the interest of art collectors from all over the world.


He became the undisputed leader of the idea that until that moment had been considered crazy and unachievable. Working constantly and with determination, he took his idea around the world. Temporary art exhibitions of “legal fakes”, in major cities were organized: Milan, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Madrid, Istanbul, Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, St Moritz, Gstaad, Monte Carlo. Works by Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Modigliani, Sisley, Lautrec, Pissarro were showed. Dondé’s motto was: “give everyone a masterpiece”.
Dondé, appreciated by international famous VIP’s like Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Sofia Loren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sultan of Brunei, Prince Albert of Monaco, Mohamed Al Fayed, Flavio Briatore and many more.


Donde’ presented for the first time his original glamour art collection in Monte Carlo. A tribute to Hollywood myths and legends. He got a fantastic success with his Marilyn Rock.


Dondé created a unique “recycled” art- work: THE STRADIVARI ROCK Violin Sculptures – True art made from used authentic violins originating from the Stradivari School of Music, Cremona, Italy.


Opening of his own art gallery in Lugano – Switzerland. Kristal & Glam luxury art gallery located in the best street close to Louis Vuitton shop.


Opening of the first Donde’ art gallery in Asia. Kristal & Glam luxury art gallery in Tokyo Japan (donde-oriental.com).

June 2015

Opening of the first Donde’ Art representative in the Emirates. Kristal & Glam art corner at “La Villa” – Jumeirah Road in DUBAI.

July 2015

Donde present a world first: The new art collection “Pearl flowers”. Violin, cello, mandolin and guitar decorated with thousands of pearls.

Nov 2016

Recent opening in St. Moritz

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